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Electronic cigarettes are fast becoming the best new aid to help smokers according to many doctors and the UK governments advisory agencies. So which UK e cigarettes rate the best....

Top Rated UK brands 2013
SKYCIG remain the top rated UK electronic cigarette brands for 2012. E-Lites use stand alone advanced next generation e-cigarette technology. Endorsed by GMTVs Dr Hilary Jones and seen three times on The Gadget Show and recently on Eastenders, E-Lites have become the premier UK e-cig brand. To get a further 25% discount on your E-Lites order, click the banner above and use discount code SUM25

Both these huge UK electronic cigarette brands, SKYCIG and E-Lites have the best flavours to mimic a real cigarette. Both save around 70-80% over the cost of smoking tobacco products. SKYCIG is very similar to the 2012 version of the best selling and most famous U.S brand, the Blu Cig with some of the best tasting cartomizers in the ecigarette business. Save 25% with SKYCIG by clicking the banner above using discount code BIG15
E-Lites e cigarette and Dr Hilary Jones
Skycig on the streets of Edinburgh
Intellicig are the biggest electronic cigarette brand in the world and a UK company, they manufacture their e-liquid in the UK, have probably the best flavours of any electronic cigarette company in the world. You can save 20% with Intellicig with code INTELLI10 and INTELLI20. This brand was recently purchased by British American Tobacco and is now producing some of the latest state of the art electronic cigarettes in the world.  This is one brand you can really trust.
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The Pros And Cons Of The E-Cig

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, as they are also called, are the latest invention to help a person quit smoking. Actually the concept itself isn't new. Vaporizers are commonly used in many households, this is the first time one has been miniaturized so successfully.

People have been trying to quit smoking since they realized that they can't. At first, no one realized the addictive effects of nicotine, and physicians back in earlier times were not aware of the harmful effects smoking can have on the human body. Cigarette smoking is one of the leading causes of death in the world. Cigarette smoke can cause cancer, emphysema, and a whole list of other diseases and complications. The most serious of these is when a person starts to have trouble breathing. Some times oxygen may need to be used.

All that bad stuff aside, people are still struggling to quit. People who have never smoked don't quite understand the hold the cigarette has on a person. Not only is it an addictive substance that has been introduced into the body almost constantly on a daily basis, it is also a natural part of every day life. When they said cigarettes were habit forming, they weren't just talking about the physical symptoms. People got used to having that cigarette in their hands after coffee, after dinner, after sex, the list goes on. And when it got taken away they found they couldn't handle not having it.

The e-cig can help address the problem of quitting smoking in two ways. First, there is no tobacco in an electronic cigarette. The nicotine in the e-cig that helps reduce a smokers craving for a cigarette comes from small cartridges which are sometimes included when a person buys one. The cartridge is heated by a small battery powered coil, which produces the nicotine vapor that the smoker inhales.

The electronic cigarette is a recent invention, it was patented in 2003. Since then, however it has become wildly popular, and last year was the number two choice with smokers who wanted to quit. The concept is a good one, although health officials argue that in order for to be an actual smoking cessation device, the nicotine should be removed as well. Nicotine has been shown to be addictive in most of its available form. Nicotine is also what is in the cartridges that come with the e-cig.

While it is true that the e-cig does not address all the problems related to smoking, most people would say it takes care of the big ones. By eliminating tobacco, and the carcinogens in tobacco smoke, the e-cig is already a healthier choice.

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Blog section - what do you think about ecigarettes?
I fail to see how administering regular doses of nicotine can be helpful in getting people to stop smoking. If nicotine is their 'fix' then e-cigarettes will simply become their new addiction. It's simply replacing one less harmful addiction with another, not actually a process of weaning off the addiction completely