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We tested E-Lites against all the other UK brands and for performance and realism nothing comes close to E-Lites for consistancy of vape and similarity to real cigs. Unfortunately many of the newsagent ecigs are not in the same league, as the E-Lites pro 4 model for example using G9 technology which is better than anything else on sale in the UK market.

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If you are interested about using electronic cigarette then you should first do research so that you will obtain information. Electronic cigarette is a device used by smokers who are decided to quit smoking gradually. There are several brands of electronic cigarettes available in the market. In this sense, it is necessary to make a smart choice. One of the brands is the E-Lites electronic cigarette that is manufactured by a UK based company. Before using this electronic cigarette you should first read E-Lites review so that you will know the features offered by it.


E-Lites review will let you know about the features of a certain product. The pack of E-Lites electronic cigarette looks similar with the standard box of butts that can hold five cartridges and one G9 battery that compose the kit. The battery has green and red LED that light up when pulled and tubular in shape. The light tells if the battery needs to be charged. The cartridges include sponge-like material that is soaked in propylene glycol and the atomizer. The atomizer heats up that generates vapor.


Obviously, the E-Lites review also tackles about the performance of the product. The battery of this electronic cigarette usually lasts for three days when fully charged but also depends on the frequency of using it. Each E-tip can provide 400 pulls that is equivalent to two packs of traditional tobacco cigarette.


Using an E-LItes electronic cigarette can give the user satisfying experience just like the traditional cigarette. This is the factor that users should pay attention when reading E-Lites review. Apparently, the electronic cigarette is heavier and longer as compared to the traditional cigarette. But, there is no issue about that because the user can enjoy the flavor as well as the smell of the nicotine content.


The packaging of the product is a big factor in attracting customers to use the product. As you read the E-Lites review you should consider how the product works does. According to E-Lites review, electronic cigarettes are not considered as smoking cessation tools but as alternatives to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine content is enough just to satisfy the craving. It is also a good option of smoking replacement therapy.

Moreover, reading E-Lites review gives you the chance to compare the product to its competitors. Similarly, by visiting the website of E-Lites you can find E-Lites review of previous and current users. This is the best way to know whether the product really works and can satisfy your nicotine cravings. Aside from comparing the features you can also compare the performance as well as the cost. As much as possible you should choose electronic cigarette in which the performance is worth the cost.

Therefore, just like in trying new product, you should read E-Lites review so that you can make the right decision before you spend some amount of money buying the product. Keep in mind that electronic cigarette is expensive when you buy the starting kit but cheaper in the long run as compared to the traditional cigarette.

E-Lites electronic cigarette review and best discount code...

The only other UK brand with flavours and realism like E-Lites is Skycig (see below). Also a 70% saving is available...
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