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Skycig CEO Sam Marks was a pioneer in the ecig industry. He brought the best branded and best tasting electronic cigarette to the UK market. Sam is really at the cutting edge of online branding and marketing. Best Vapour, best cost saving, best UK performing ecig. When it comes to electronic cigarettes, there is one name which you can trust --- the Skycig electronic cigarette. Skycig electronic cigarette is one of the companies which provide the world with the most amazing line of e-cigs based on the best selling US 2011 version of the Blu Cig. Skycig electronic cigarette are so designed in accordance with strict governmental and pharmaceutical requirement. Skycig electronic cigarette are smokeless and does not need the use of fire. It does not make use of harmful substances like tar and produces no ash. Regardless of its being artificial or electronic, this small device can satisfactorily give customers that kick they have always wanted. Skycig electronic cigarettes come in assorted flavours.

Basically, the skycig electronic cigarette appears and measures just like that of traditional cigarette. Only that skycig electronic cigarette is made from plastic and metal components. Skycig electronic cigarette is a sleek device which contains e-liquid. This e-liquid will turn into vapour when heated. As you inhale your Skycig electronic cigarette, the heating element in the cartomizer is triggered. Thus, the nicotine and glycerine is vaporized. Then, the simulated smoke will be released from the cartridge. The smoke emitted by the device is not actually smoked.

Similarly, this does not carry any harmful effects. The smoke like thing which comes out is a product of the heating process. At the outset, the skycig electronic cigarette has three main parts: the vaporizer, the battery, and the flavour cartridge. These three parts work well altogether in order to give clients satisfaction in every puff. In case your skycig electronic cigarette run out of vapour, this means that the cartridge must be replaced. The cartridge is only good for more than 200 puffs. If you have purchased a kit, a cartridge may be readily available. Nevertheless, if you don’t have one, you can always purchase a new one. Replacing the cartridge can be easily done by yourself. Simply unscrew the cartridge from your skycig electronic cigarette. Hold the battery and screw the new cartridge. Once done, responsibly dispose of the old cartridge.

Skycig electronic cigarette offers its starter kit for beginners. There are also other kits from which you can choose from. The starter kit contains a rechargeable carry case, skycig smokeless cigarette travel case, two electronic cigarette batteries, two electronic cigarette battery chargers ( one of which is a wall charger and the other is for computers or laptop ), and five cartridge refills. The kit also contains instruction materials. For those interested to try skycig electronic cigarette, you can log on to their website. Otherwise, you can find legitimate dealers of skycig electronic cigarette products. Ordering the products online is something you won’t fuss about. The company guarantees fast delivery of all skycig electronic cigarettes. Also, they make sure that products will reach you at good condition and high quality.

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