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Skycig review
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Skycig and Skystart Review

Since then, the UK’s top selling brand of electronic cigarette, the Skycig, had been dominating the market industry. Recently, the company had introduced their latest two-piece e-cigarette technology which has cartomizer and flavors that do better than other electronic cigarettes they have tested. Their old Skycig is more efficient than other brands, yet, the latest Skycig is much efficient than that. Since we are talking about this brand, let us have a quick Skycig review.

Unlike an ordinary tobacco cigarette, Skycig electronic cigarette is healthier to smoke. This is the perfect thing to get rid of the usual habit of smoking tobacco cigarette. Skycig is well-known in the United Kingdom and its manufacturers are well respected as well. With almost all of the harmful chemicals and elements that you may find in a tobacco cigarette, Skycig electronic cigarette contains only nicotine, which is the addictive substance that every cigarette has. When you look at the market sales of different electronic cigarette brands, still, Skycig remains on its top spot.

The Skycig Starter Kit has everything that an individual will need. Its company offers to their customers a 1 month warranty period. Also, they are accepting and giving a 100% refund whenever you are not satisfied on their product provided, however, that it should still be within the 1 month warranty period. Aside from that, Skycig electronic cigarette has different flavors to choose from. These flavors are cherry, Marlboro, menthol, tobacco, and vanilla.

With regards to its style and equipments, purchasing the Skycig Starter Kit already contains five (5) electronic cigarette batteries and refill cartridges, two (2) electronic cigarette batteries (one of which is an extra), five (5) cartomizer refills (every flavor can be an equivalent of more than 150 cigarettes), and two (2) electronic cigarette battery chargers (the main charger and a USB charger). All of these items are inside the kit which costs only an affordable price of £49.99. Besides the product, you may also contact the company through its Customer Care Service with its representatives that are always reachable every hour in every day. Anybody can ask for assistance whenever there occurs a problem in their product. In addition, Skycig electronic cigarettes are allowed to be smoked anywhere like public areas and even in airplanes.

The idea of bringing harm to others through the smoke of tobacco cigarette is never be a threat to everybody when you use the Skycig electronic cigarette. You don’t only get a 75% payback of your money but you also prevented the spreading of toxic gas that comes out in tobacco cigarettes. If you are already planning to buy and try one now, no need to worry because they offer a 30-day trial.

The Skycig Company guarantees their customer a satisfaction they will surely like. With the improvement in their electronic cigarette, the money that you are going to spend on their product is worth it. To help you more and get answers to all your questions, contact Skycig now through phone or e-mail. Let this Skycig review be your guide

Skycig review
Skycig review
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